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Messages from Troops: 2010
From troops and their families that received a Real Christmas Tree through the Trees for Troops Program in 2010


shannon b photo


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful organization and the beautiful tree we received from Ft. Eustis, VA this year. My husband is active duty Air Force and during last year's holiday season, he was away at basic training. This year in particular was very memorable for us: my husband's one-year active duty anniversary, our first Christmas at this new duty station (Langley AFB), and the first time we hosted Christmas for relatives. The tree that we got (courtesy of Lady Di Tree Farm in Ararat, VA) was fresh, gorgeous, huge, and smelled amazing. I had so much fun picking out the tree on post and we got many compliments from friends, family, and neighbors. It is definitely the nicest tree my husband and I have ever had together. We are very, very grateful to all of the families who donate trees, as well as to all the troops at bases all over the country who help with choosing the tree and getting it home. Our tree brought us so much happiness.

Attached are some photos of our Christmas morning. We enjoyed it thoroughly, especially because we can't be sure if my husband will be home for Christmas next year. Please keep doing what you're doing and know that you make the holidays truly special for thousands of military families.

Warmest regards,
Shannon B
Langley AFB
Newport News, VA


shanelle tree photo

I would like to thank 7 G's Farm (Nicholson, GA) for our 2010 Christmas tree. Please see the attached pictures. As you can see the tree is BEAUTIFUL before and after. Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



Lady G and family with trees

My family and I would like to thank you very much for the lovely tree. My kids really enjoyed decorating it. We put lots of lights on it and enjoyed watching it. Thanks again!

Lady G.
Staten Island, NY


Steven christmas tree

Dear Don and Diane Robinson and Trees for Troops organization,

My wife and I have been apart for two recent Christmases. We have never had a real tree before and were financially unable to purchase one this year. We saw the trees that you provided and decided to give it a shot! We showed up near the end of the donation period and picked what we felt was the pick of the litter! It created such a fine Christmas atmosphere in our home, and we are delighted that you would think of us. Thank you for giving us what we otherwise would not have had!

Love Steven and Deanna


group real christmas tree photos

On behalf of the Soldiers of the 368TH Seaport Operation Company, 11TH Transportation Battalion, we would like to express our gratitude for the Christmas trees provided to us from "Trees for Troops"; your generosity was greatly appreciated and spread holiday cheer amongst the Soldiers and their families during this past Holiday Season. Thank you again!

Very Gratefully,
The 368TH Seaport Operations Company Family


Matthew and Angela with their tree

We wanted to thank you so very much for the Christmas tree. our transition from California has not been easy on us. The hardest part was leaving our families and, support network behind. It has been more trying then we anticipated. We were planning on not really doing much for Christmas. It would have been hard on our 4 year old, but our 16 month old would probably not have known the difference, due to his age. It was to our good fortune we received an email at the command letting us know there were free Christmas at Fort Story. It brought us one step closer to having a good Christmas. With the relatives and friends sending gifts it turned into a good Christmas after all.

We are so great full!!! And blessed Because of the Christmas tree we were given, we were able to have a Christmas for our kids.
This was the first year having a Christmas without having family nearby. Thanks to you and our family and friends back in California it was good.

Thank you and Happy New Year!!!
The Allen Family


Ben & Sandra

We got our tree from Ft. Story and could not have been happier with it! It was a beautiful tree even before we got it decorated. It was so nice to be able to have a tree in our home for Christmas this year. It really brightened up the home and made it feel more festive.

It was especially meaningful since Ben was deployed last year during the holidays. It was so nice to get to have a traditional family Christmas this year! We are so appreciative to those who donated the trees and made the program possible. It really helped to make our holiday season bright!

Ben and Sandra


Jack and Sherry with real - not fake christmas tree

We wanted to tell you how much our Tree for Troops Christmas tree meant to us. We came to Ft. Story for three days to celebrate our December anniversary. We decided to stop by the MWR Office to pick up brochures and information. During our time at the MWR Office, we noticed the wonderful Christmas trees outside and inquired as to the qualifications for a tree. We were thrilled to learn that we qualified! Due to varying circumstances, we have not had a live Christmas tree in over 10 years.

We picked out a lovely tree and proceeded to place it carefully in my little car. It was a close fit! We so enjoyed the tree during the rest of our vacation at Ft. Story! We again gently packed the tree and headed for Goldsboro, NC. The car smelled wonderful our whole way back! Once in Goldsboro, we decorated the tree with homemade decorations including colorful paper chains and popcorn strings and multi-colored lights. We had lots of family fun time making the tree look even more beautiful than it already was. We are continuing to enjoy our tree and hope to keep it up through the New Year. The Christmas tree made our anniversary more special and our Christmas more special as well.

Thank you to Trees for Troops!

Jack (Retired Master Sergeant -US Air Force) & Sherry


Irene and eric photo with christmas tree for troop

Dear Donators and Trees for Troops,

We are a family of 8, (we just recently lost our pet to illness) and with the recession hitting all corners of the U.S., we are so grateful for the 2 trees we were blessed to receive for 2 Christmases past from Fort Story, Virginia. The first year we did not have many gifts, but we've always had each other; we thanked God and counted our blessings.

This year, my husband retires from 26 years of active duty. We again, thankfully have each other, despite all the uncertainty surrounding our lives at present. But being able to provide the simple things of Christmas, a tree from Fort Story, Virginia being one of them, made all the difference in our children's lives. Thank you for truly living up to the meaning of Christmas-Christ being born to save a dying world. You've given more then you'll know; especially hope! May you continue blessing others with your kind generosity.

God bless you,
Irene & Eric
SFC, USA (Retired)


first christmas in the U.S. with a real tree

My Spouse is Claudia, I am stationed on base, JEB Little Creek at EWTGLANT. I got my tree from JEB Fort Story VA.

I've been here in VA since Jul 2009 and since Aug 2008 in USA; my job in the military is to support the admin section. I came from Colombia and very proud serve my new country.

My wife is Colombian too and I brought her last year to share and live with me so that was her first Christmas in the states.

She knew that I don't like Xmas so that tree was a big surprise for her. That tree made a warmer Christmas for us.

Thank you all guys for make our Christmas special and unforgettable.
L CPL Hammer V., Active Duty, US Marine Corps


Keith T and tree

To those who donated trees,

We received our tree from JEB Fort Story, Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have been in the Navy for 11 years and just recently transferred to my new command at JEB Little Creek. I have recently finished my second tour in Iraq with the US Navy's Riverrine Force and I am happy to be spending this holiday season at home with my family.

That Family, which we nicknamed the Tugarosa, consists of my wife of 10 years and a former Navy vet Jennifer and my three kids, Kaleb-8, Kadance-7 and Jocelynn AKA Dozer, 1 year old. I now work as base security.

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for donating these wonderful trees to us. I personally saw mine, and it caught my eye. I knew right then it was the one for us. I got it home and when I cut it loose it popped open and was absolutely beautiful. I actually had to cut a foot off of it to make it fit in our living room!

I appreciate what you all do, and thank you so much for remembering us. It's an amazing feeling when you come home and have this much support. From the Tuggle's in Virginia, I wanted to thank all of you from the bottoms of our hearts. Thank you for making our Christmas magical.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Kevin T., US Navy


karen w fedex truck with trees

From the Sandpiper Rec Center Staff & Director,

During the Holidays, staff and I reflect on the wonderful kindness which we received from folks such as you.

Due to the generosity of your patriotic spirit, caring heart and your helping hand…"YOU" made a real difference. You made many smiles. When times were tough, you became a HERO for us. The blessings we received tree farmers, FEDEX and the Christmas Spirit Foundation made the holidays so much better for our Troops, spouses, retirees and families.

Your heart has and will leave a lasting impression on us all. The photos on the next page are just a few glimpses of special moments of troops enjoying the many gifts made possible from wonderful people like YOU.

In thanks on behalf of so many here…as Valentines is near, we hope you know you have touch so many hearts with your loving support of troops.

I hope God blesses you ten-fold, just as you have blessed our military family, patrons and staff.

Karen W. & Staff
Sandpiper Rec Ctr, ITT & BOSS Offices
JEB Fort Story, VA



fury family tree

Thank you for the tree- it looks and smells wonderful in my house. It is my baby's first Christmas this year and she loves to look at the tree all decorated and flashing. I couldn't have asked for a better tree- Thank you again...

Here is a before and after picture of her...and she WILL be recycled at Ft Macon after the New Year! Happy Holidays!

T. Fury


Sir or Maam,

My name is SSG Nikolaisen and I am a Platoon Sergeant with 4-2 SBCT, 2-1 CAV, C TRP. I had a Soldier, PFC Mertz, who received a tree from your of the program this year. His wife and himself are newly weds with all the usual financial concerns of young couples building a life together early on. It was very generous of you all to give PFC Mertz and his new wife their first Christmas tree together for their new home. He will be sending a picture of them in front of the tree you provided them along with a letter of appreciation. I want to personally thank you and your volunteers for providing this service to our Soldiers and extend my warmest holidays wishes for all who make this program work.

Thank you all for your hard work on Soldier's behalf.


J. Nikolaisen
Platoon Sergeant
2-1 CAV, C TRP, 3rd PLT

christmas tree for soldiers photo

We wanted to take the time to send a big thank you to all the sponsors of Trees for Troops. My husband and I are living at Fort Knox, KY while he is attending his Maneuver Captain's Career Course and we received one of the trees this year. We have been married for 4.5 years, spending the first 2 years apart from each other when he was in Iraq. This is our first year to have a live tree. We received the tree when I was 38 weeks pregnant and our baby girl arrived shortly after. We feel so blessed to share this amazingly beautiful tree with her on her first Christmas. Thank you so much for thinking of us during this holiday season. This was such a wonderful gesture of your support for our troops and we are most grateful!

We've attached some photos with our tree.

Have a blessed holiday season!
Captain and Mrs. Friend, and baby Katelyn


noel tree

We are really grateful to have been given a Christmas Tree this year from Trees For Troops. It is so nice to see so many supporting the military. We truly enjoyed our tree to the fullest this year. It really means more to us because it was given to us by those who have a kind heart and realize the sacrifice made by the military. Thanks so much for this wonderful cause!

The Noel Family
US Air Force


ray family photo christmas tree

My name is Mr. Ray, of the 10th mountain division, 2nd brigade combat team HHC 4th battalion 31st infantry regiment. I received a Trees for Troops Christmas tree. I took the tree to long island and decorated it with my family. My grandfather-in-law helped decorate it and he was also in the US Army. Thanks again!

Mr. Ray

langowski tree

Thanks to everyone who worked to make Trees For Troops a success again this year. The families of the 52nd Ordnance Group/Brigade at Fort Campbell sincerely appreciate the generosity of all who contributed financially and by dedicating their time and effort to this program.

Several hours after the program ended, this tree was left standing all alone against a fence. My daughters and I took her home, named her "Treesa," gave her water, and decorated her beautifully. She is and will always be our favorite tree as she stands for compassion, generosity, and support (and certainly the only tree we've ever named).

Again, thank you.
Suzanna, Ariana, Allison, and Bridget

debelius family christmas

Dear Trees for Troops,

We wanted to thank you for yet another Christmas tree! Being stationed in Arizona usually means expensive trees, but this year we were lucky to have a free tree from TFT to help us celebrate the holiday. Thank you for all the generosity from your organization, all the wonderful tree farmers, and the kind people who support your organization.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
The Debelius Family

ollivant family in front of their tree at christmas

Just wanted to say thanks for our Christmas Tree from Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, SD. This not only our first year away from our family during the holidays, but we haven't had a Christmas tree in years because it seemed like we always had a crawling baby in a little house, so I really wanted to do a real tree this year now that we're in a new place and the kids are bigger. We were so excited to pick up our tree right on base to bring home and decorate it with the kids. I was living with my parents last year at Christmas while my husband was in tech school, so it was fun to pull out our decorations and ornaments since we haven't seen some of them in years! It was so special to not only have a real Christmas tree, but one that was so big and beautiful. I attached a picture of my husband and kids in front of the tree, even with the scattered decorations because the kids kept moving them around. :) Thanks Trees for Troops!

Rachel, David, Amy, Kate & Ben

guy tree photos

We wanted to thank you for your generous donation. Enclosed is a photo of our family in front of the beautiful tree that we received.

Thank you again for your gift.
The Guy family

Alexander tree

I wanted to say thank you for the Christmas tree. My 3 kids were so excited!! My husband is deployed this Christmas and I didn't have a tree and was waiting to purchase one when I got the email about Trees for Troops. My kids were so excited!! I am sending you 2 pics. 1 of the tree decorated. And one of my kids with the tree. Thank you so much!! Merry Christmas and God Bless You all!!



Good Morning!

I would like to say THANK YOU to whoever is responsible for this! This year I was set up with this program and it helped me a lot! I was not sure if I was able to afford a tree this year for my kids. The tree is BEAUTIFUL AND HUGE!. God Bless America and all the wonderful people that make this happen. I will try and take a picture of the tree and share!

YN2 Michele
U.S. Coast Guard


To All,

My name is TSgt Kemp and I am deployed to Joint Base Balad, Iraq and I would like to give you all a Big Thank you for this Christmas tree that we got from you. Please let everyone in your areas that I appreciate the tree and am ever grateful for what you have done to make my Christmas season better. I will never forget this and just want everyone to know that. May God bless you and your families.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!



erin c

Hello everyone!

My name is Erin and I'm from the USO on Joint Base Balad in Iraq. The MWR were kind enough to give us a tree for the Christmas holiday and with our USO volunteers, we were able to decorate it!

Every person who has seen the tree has been pleasantly surprised and exclaimed, "How'd they even get this over here?" It means a lot out here to see some normal Christmas-time cheer. We couldn't have done it without your help. I wanted to send you pictures of the tree and the troops.

JBB has two centers, the Main USO Center that's been here since early 2008, and the newly-built PAX USO (Passenger Terminal) by the main flight line in and out of the base. We want to thank you for your generosity to provide these trees. We're lucky to get it, because many troops come through, and they're from all over the Theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan. It's always a nice surprise for them.

Thank you!!

USO Duty Manager
Balad, Iraq


coll tree for army troops

We just wanted to express a heartfelt thank you to those who selflessly gave of their time and money to make this tree possible for our family.

It brings a glimpse of joy in the absence of our Hero, father, husband & friend. As well as a tear to our eyes because of the generosity of someone unknown to us who is willing to give for the joy of another.

Thank you again so so much ... from a family who serves together,

Adee & The Boys


Rogers tree

We picked up our tree from the Trees for Troops on Nellis AFB this morning and we didn't waste a moment getting it home and decorating it! Thank you so much for providing such a kind and thoughtful gift for military families. Your giving has helped us bring a beautiful part of the Christmas spirit into our home. Thank you again!

Jason & Liz



Hello, we are the Martinez Family and wanted to say Thank you for our Christmas Tree. The tree was absolutely beautiful and perfect. With the girls father deployed I can truly say it made the girls smile to see the tree in our living room when they got home from school. Thank you again :)


harrison christmas tree

I wanted to thank you deeply for the tree that you gave me and my family for Christmas this year. My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan and I knew that the holidays were going to be especially hard on me and my two children. All of our Christmas things including our tree are in storage, so I thought we weren't going to be able to have a tree or any decorations this year. When I found out about trees for troops I couldn't have been more excited because now our holiday will be just a little bit brighter because your generosity. Thank you.

Havelock NC


Dudley family

My family received a Christmas tree from Tree for Troops. My husband is deployed in Afghanistan. He was so excited when I told him that we received a free tree from your foundation! I did try to get on the web site to post picture as per the tag that was hanging on tree but was not able to. So, I thought I would email you to say

Thank you so much for your generosity! We did not expect this wonderful gift. Thank you to all that donates to this foundation! We are very pleased with the tree! Our five kids enjoyed decorating the tree! It is a great addition to our front living this time of year! We can not express how much this helped us out! There is a few pictures attached of our family in front of the tree! Thank you so much again!!!

The Dudley Family
Fort Campbell, KY


Hello. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful Christmas tree you donated for Trees for Troops. I have never had a real tree before so I am very pleased. Thank you again for supporting the troops.

Capt, USAF

Thank you for the beautiful tree! It makes me smile every time I walk by it. It is so nice to know that there are good people out there that care!

Thank you!!!

Army wife and mother of two (ages 3 and 1)


Carlsson tree

Thank you!

We loved our tree we received this year! It was a great experience and really made getting our tree very special.

We appreciate the donation and having truly made our Christmas memorable. Thank you for your generosity.

The Carlsson Family
Camp Pendleton, CA


Price family tree

Our family participated in the "trees for troops" for first time. My husband has been in Iraq for 6 months so far and I am so incredibly blessed by your program. While this is not his first deployment, it is mine and I've tried my best to keep holiday time as "normal" as possible. The tree is absolutely beautiful and I was able to send pictures to my husband the night we decorated it.

I've attached a few pictures; we did a "non-traditional" tree-topper :-) Again I can't thank you enough and am so grateful for the program.

Warmest holiday wishes and blessings,
Price and family



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